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The 2’s Class

2Two year olds are full of energy and need to stay busy. Our Twos enjoy a child-centered environment specifically planned to promote independence. The children use all five senses to explore all that is around them by learning through play. We set limits that lead to self-discipline and self-acceptance while encouraging curiosity and independence. A typical day includes reading books, playing cognitive games, singing and dancing, doing art projects, completing science experiments, playing outside and role playing (dress-up, housekeeping center, truck center, block center, etc.). Children are introduced to prayers, songs and symbols of faith. Twice a week, our Twos enjoy music class.

Two year olds are full of awe and wonder about the world around them!

Sample Schedule

  • 8:45 – Arrival/ Free Play
  • 9:00 – Art/ Play Centers
  • 9:30 – Clean Up
  • 9:45 – Circle Time / Bible story
  • 10:15 – Snack, Diapers, Restroom
  • 11:00 – Playground
  • 11:45 – Blessing and Lunch
  • 12:15 – Free Play/Centers
  • 12:45 – Clean-Up, Diapers, Restroom
  • 1:00 – Playground
  • 1:30 – Story Time
  • 1:45 – Dismissal

2’s Teaching Team:

Shaney Cross

Aldersgate is a home away from home for Shaney.  She began attending church here over 18 years ago and became a member of the CDC staff in 2007.  She has always taught her beloved twos and can’t imagine being anywhere else!  Shaney raised two children who are now grown, and her time here serves to fill the gap of an empty nest.

“I love every age and stage, but the twos are truly where my heart is.  The excitement I get to experience over and over each year when new milestones are reached is, without a doubt, my favorite part of teaching.”

Bobbie Thomas

This is Bobbie’s 18th year at Aldersgate.  Through the years she has worked with every age group.  This year will be her fifth year with the Twos.  She looks forward to working with the sweet children every year.  Bobbie and her husband Glenn were transferred here from Pittsburgh PA years ago and raised their daughter here.  They have two grandchildren, Anna & Noah, who both went to the CDC from the Ones class through Kindergarten.  Bobbie loves her Aldersgate family!

“My favorite classroom activity is singing Dr. Jean songs.”