Our Approach

Aldersgate Child Development Center’s goal is to nurture and love your children so they can learn and grow.

This is not a daycare center, but a place for learning where our talented and professional staff teach your child the basics of education and The Bible. We focus on student and teacher interaction, and offer the following programs and emphases:


A young child’s mind is like a sponge when it comes to learning and using new words, and that can mean more than just English. We will begin teaching the K5 class the basics of Spanish, which has proven to lead to more academic success down the road. Spanish is taught by Lisa Henderson.


Your child will learns songs, be introduced to a wide variety of musical instruments, and learn the basics of music theory one day a week. The goal of the program is to engage young minds and foster creativity. Music is taught by Josh Consalvo.

Church Library

The church library is the perfect place for classes to visit to pick up a book for storytime, or for K5 children to checkout books for themselves.

Chapel/ Bible

While Bible lessons are an important part of each child’s day, children in K3, K4 & K5 participate in a dedicated chapel lesson once a week. In chapel, the children learn key concepts and Bible stories, as well as a variety of Bible songs.

Physical Education

Our physical education classes focus on exercise as well as laying the foundation for making healthy choices. PE is taught by Alice Geiger.

Field Trips

While classroom learning is essential to your child’s growth, time spent exploring the community is important as well. Our Kindergarten students take a variety of field trips during the year to local farms, the Pavilion for a snow carnival, the library and more. Your child’s teacher will have more information on dates, times and locations during the course of the year.

Josh Consalvo, Music

This will be Josh’s third year as the Music and Chapel teacher. Josh grew up in Long Island, NY before moving to Troutman, NC at age 10. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in Saxophone from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Following his college career, he took a year to work full time in ministry through an internship with Clayton King Ministries in Anderson, SC where Josh now lives with his wife Jenny and their two dogs, Belle and Pepper. Josh loves board gaming, playing Spikeball and Ultimate Frisbee, and watching the NY Mets.

Lisa Henderson, Spanish

Lisa lives in Greer with her husband Perry and their three sons, Perry, Jake & Ben.  Lisa is excited to be returning to working with young children after staying home to raise her 3 boys. Lisa was born in Colombia South America and is thrilled to share Spanish with the children of the CDC.

“I love teaching through songs and games, and love the excitement on the children’s faces when they learn a new word. It’s such a blessing to share a new language with them!”

Alice Geiger, PE

Alice has always been active in sports and played softball in college. She has coached Northwood softball for over 10 years, has raced in a dozen half-marathons and a triathlon, and has joined her church’s women’s basketball team. Alice believes in staying active every day and having fun in the process.

In Aldersgate’s PE program, children will participate in a variety of fun games and activities that utilize motor skills, strategy, teamwork and endurance.

Favorite PE games: PacMan and The Grinch Game